May 2008

Eye-Fi expands wireless SD card offerings
Last year, introduced SD cards with wireless communications capabilities. Just stick the card into the camera and it will upload pictures to your computer or a photosharing site of your choice. We've been using the Eye-Fi card ever since it came out. Now Eye-Fi split its lineup into three: The US$129 Eye-Fi Explore card locates nearby WiFi networks and adds location tags to pictures using Skyhook's global WiFi Positioning System. The original US$99 Eye-Fi Share includes unlimited, secure Web-sharing service that allows users to automatically upload photos directly to their preferred photo sharing, social networking or blogging site. The new US$79 Eye-Fi Home is limited to uploading photos to your computer through your own home WiFi network. All cards include 2GB storage and are PC and Mac compatible. -- Posted Monday, May 12, 2008 by chb