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Wimberly F-2 Macro Bracket

Stop searching! If you shoot close-ups with an external flash, you are well aware of the need for a flash bracket. It seems you can never have enough hands in the field to aid in your quest for the perfect closeup. I now have several brackets Iāve made, and half a dozen Iāve purchased, all sitting in the back of my closet. Iām happy to say I donāt need them anymore. Iām exclusively using the universal F-2 Macro Bracket from Wimberley, which fits both pocket-sized and digital SLR cameras. The bracketās articulating arm, comprised of two double ball and socket links that lock positively, allows numerous flash positions. This system puts the creativity back into the hands of the photographer. If one flash doesnāt provide the right light you can add a second bracket and an additional flash for even greater lighting control.

Wimberly F-2 Macro Bracket
Price: $169.00

öJon Cox



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